On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 8:17 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> On 20 Oct 2012, at 19:29, John Clark wrote:
> Well I don't know about you but I don't think my consciousness was there
> before Evolution figured out how to make brains, I believe this because I
> can't seem to remember events that were going on during the Precambrian.
> I've always been a little hazy about what exactly "comp" meant but I had
> the general feeling that I sorta agreed with it, but apparently not.
> You keep defending comp, in your dialog with Craig, but you don't follow
> its logical consequences,
> I guess, this is by not wanting to take seriously the first person and
> third person distinction, which is the key of the UD argument.
> You can attach consciousness to the owner of a brain, but the owner itself
> must attach his consciousness to all states existing in arithmetic (or in a
> physical universe if that exists) and realizing that brain state.

I would also suggest that you read this link, it shows how an infinitely
large cosmos leads directly to quantum mechanics due to the observer's
inability to self-locate.  For someone who believes in both mechanism and
platonism, it is the exact scenario platonic programs should find
themselves in:



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