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You can identify a particular qualia with certain computational states
of algorithms. All you need to do to (in principle) decide if a system
is "experiencing the color red" is to see if the right algorithm is
being executed.

That may not even be the case at all. In people who are blind from birth,
activity in their visual cortex is perceived as tactile experience.


That then means that the right algorithm isn't executed. I don't think one can argue against this, as having a mathematical description of Nature implies this.



I can agree with both of you but I have to ask you, Saibal, what is it that matches up the math with the first hand experience?



The description of the brain contains in it the information about the state of the enviroment and the body. The brain is programmed to maintain the body in some ideal state (or to move toward such a state, even if it is not attainable).

Then the details of this programming are unknown to us, e.g. we know that color vision in primates evolved when flowering trees began to grow fruits, but we don't know how exactly all the neurons are wired in the brain. So, if you see some color, what exactly happens in your brain you don't know. Those details therefore exist in a superposition of all the possibilities (an extremely complicated superposition entangled with the environment, of course).

This means that the moment you experience a color, you are re-running the entire evolution that led to color vision. This implements counterfactuals in which you would have a different sense of color vision but in which would have had a lower probability of existing.

Then the outcome of observing the color red isn't a "sharp state" it is a hugely complicated entangled state which are all very close to having the maximum amplitude. It contains in it the information on the consequences of the brain having a slightly different wiring and of the spectrum of the light being slightly different. The effect of all that is to implement the higher level algorithm that strives for the body to move toward the ideal body plan at any given moment.


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