On 11/23/2012 8:54 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
How does the comparison occur? I will not ask what or who is involved, only how. What means exists to compare and contrast a pair of logics?

The logic exists, because, by UDA, when translated in arithmetic, makes a relative physical certainty into a true Sigma_1 sentence, which has to be provable, and consistent. So the observability with measure one is given by []p = Bp & Dt & p, with p arithmetical sigma_1 (this is coherent with the way the physical reality has to be redefined through UDA). Then the quantum logic is given by the quantization []<>p, thanks to the law p -> []<>p, and this makes possible to reverse the Goldblatt modal translation of quantum logic into arithmetic. Comparison is used in the everyday sense. Just look if we get the quantum propositions, new one, different one, etc.

The question is why is the sentence about anything. It's easy to write down axioms and prove theorems from them, but that doesn't make them true of anything.


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