Hi meekerdb 

Have you ever seen one of those rubber balls that people squeeze
to excercise their hands ? IMHO the objective brain is like that,
the subjective brain (c0nsciousness) is like the pressure induced by the 

In my understanding, comp is like physics or neuroscience.
Comp monitors, and only monitors, the objective aspect of the brain,
just as physics can tell you the flight path of a thrown ball.

Now consider the double aspect theory of the brain.

At the same time IMHO the subjective aspect of the brain arises from 
(or controls, we cannot be sure) the objective function of the brain. 
So a thought might deform or otherwise affect (eg produce an overall
correlated quantum wave state over) the physical brain, and conversely, 
some physical action on the objective brain (such as a signal on a sensory 
never) mayl produce an image.

So comp can indirectly monitor consciousness, just as a scientific probe or
magnetic resonance imaging can.

[Roger Clough], [rclo...@verizon.net]
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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On 11/28/2012 2:49 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote: 
The question though is how does that happen? 

Actually comp is better than physics here. in physics we don't know why and how 
electron obey the SWE. It is the ureasonable use of math in physics. With comp 
there is only math (arithmetic) and from this we can explain why numbers 
develop beliefs (axiomatically defined) and why they obey apparent laws

So you say.  But where is the explanation and the explanation of why this 
electron instead of that electron?  It seems your arguments are all of the 
form, "If comp is true, then everything true is explained by comp."


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