On 12/14/2012 2:19 PM, John Mikes wrote:
I stopped a long time ago to read the 'transported' versions for one reason:
if it is REALLY (only) a transport, it does not make a difference whether "you" will CONTINUE in Moscow or in Helsinki, it is 'your' undisrupted self. However, if it goes into a multiple existence then - my problem is - what happens to the 'experience' of self1 while you consider yourself at self2 location? the self-s inadvertently diverge so you cannot be both (or more). In such case the 'pronoun' sindrom is valid. "YOU" are the "ONE" passing several locations - accumulating continual experience upon yourself (the 1) and if you happen to return to a former one, it will not be "YOU".

I think the conclusion is that there is no "you" in the sense of unique. It's like talking about "the" dollar coin. If it's duplicated or multiplied it's not unique and "you" is ambiguous - which is what John Clark complains about.


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