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 > Brent Meeker appreciates John Clark's concern with pronouns.

John Clark is happy to read that but is somewhat skeptical it is true.

> I think it needs to put in the context of QM, which is what Bruno is
> proposing to explain.  Suppose Bruno is Helsinki and he steps in a
> transporter and it sends him to Washington.

As John Clark has said people just can not help themselves, in order to
express vague flabby philosophical ideas personal pronouns simply must be
used to hide their vacuous nature at their heart. John Clark is going to
rephrase the above by excising the cancerous pronouns "suppose Bruno is in
Helsinki and Bruno steps into a transporter and it sends Bruno to
Washington". Already much of the mystery is gone and things are much
clearer, but there is still ambiguity about the nature of the transporter.
If the transporter is a airplane then when Bruno goes to Washington Bruno
is no longer in Helsinki, however if the transporter is a duplicating
machine then when Bruno goes to Washington Bruno remains in Helsinki.

> That Bruno, Bruno_w goes back to Helsinki, gets in the transporter again
> and it sends him to Moscow. That Bruno_wm goes back to Helsinki and repeats
> this process many times.  Eventually Bruno_wmwwmwmmmww...mwm concludes that
> the transporter seems to be random and just sends him to Washington or
> Moscow at random with probability 1/2.

Brent Meeker just said that the machine would send Bruno to Washington AND
Moscow many times, and then in the very next sentence Brent Meeker says
that the machine would send Bruno to Washington OR Moscow; and if Bruno had
seen wmwwmwmmmww...mwm then Bruno has certainly seen Washington AND Moscow.
Of course this absurdity can be covered up, and that's where personal
pronouns come in, although John Clark thinks the disguise doesn't work very
well, lipstick can't brink a corpse back to life and personal pronouns
can't give focus to bad ideas.

And John Clark is confused about what direction Brent Meeker believes one
should look to understand this issue, from the present to the past or from
the present to the future. John Clark believes that the important thing is
that no matter how many iterations are done all those Bruno's remember
being Bruno in Helsinki long before Bruno had even seen a duplicating
chamber, and that's why all of them, although different from each other,
are all equally Bruno.

  John K Clark

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