On 15 Dec 2012, at 00:09, meekerdb wrote:

On 12/14/2012 2:19 PM, John Mikes wrote:

I stopped a long time ago to read the 'transported' versions for one reason: if it is REALLY (only) a transport, it does not make a difference whether "you" will CONTINUE in Moscow or in Helsinki, it is 'your' undisrupted self. However, if it goes into a multiple existence then - my problem is - what happens to the 'experience' of self1 while you consider yourself at self2 location? the self-s inadvertently diverge so you cannot be both (or more). In such case the 'pronoun' sindrom is valid. "YOU" are the "ONE" passing several locations - accumulating continual experience upon yourself (the 1) and if you happen to return to a former one, it will not be "YOU".

I think the conclusion is that there is no "you" in the sense of unique.

But there is: the content of all diaries determined each time, in all situations, such a "you".

It's like talking about "the" dollar coin. If it's duplicated or multiplied it's not unique and "you" is ambiguous - which is what John Clark complains about.

Because John introduce "ambiguous" to avoid "indeterminate", but with the definition of the 1-view, there is no ambiguity at all, just indetermination. Ambiguity is taking care of by the 1-3 distinction.



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