On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> >> In a world with duplicating chambers there is no such thing as "the"
>> future 1p view.
> Of course there is. There are two such future 1-view.

Then as I said,  there is no such thing as "the" future 1p view, there is
only "a" future 1p view.

>The 1-view of the M-man, and the 1-view of the W-man.

Please note the use of the word "and".

> that is why if you predict W and M, both will rightly admit having been
> wrong.

Yes, the Moscow Man would say it was wrong if he thought (as no doubt many
would) that only he is the Helsinki Man and the Washington Man is just some
kind of fake; however I believe the Moscow Man is NOT right about the
nature of the Washington man and there is no reason to think the Moscow Man
is any sort of final authority on the Washington Man.

>> the one that sees Washington is the Washington Man and the Washington
>> Man is the one who sees Washington. What more do you want to know about it?
>> What more is there to know?
> The technic to predict the future when we are multiplied,

In the above I gave the precise technique for determining which city will
be seen by who. What more do you want to know about it? What more is there
to know?

>> the Helsinki man will see both cities.
> > In the 3p view, that's correct,

And as John Clark has said over and over, if something seems identical in
the 3p view it is certainly identical in the 1p view, although the reverse
is not necessarily true.

 > but fail to answer the question asked.

Bruno Marchal does not understand the question asked so it's not surprising
that John Clark is unable to give a answer that satisfies Bruno Marchal.

> Take the QS as example: the most probable 3p outcome is the guy died.

If many worlds is correct then from the 3p quantum view everything happens
and the very meaning of probability becomes fuzzy. And by the way I think
that is the major reason that the many world's interpretation is not more
popular than it is.

  John K Clark

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