On 1/17/2013 1:54 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
The idea of the end of resources comes from Malthus, but it can be traced much back in time, to some misconceptions of what is a resource from our evolutionary past. It is though naturally that a resource is something produced by the heart, which is not in the hand of the man to fabricate it. This is due to the fact that the hunter-gatherer clans where we evolved had no innovation, there were no agriculture nor industry nor cattle, so the game passed by and the wild vegetables depleted locally and the clans had to be nomads in permanent search of new resources. Infanticide for lack of resources and to keep it in manageable number for the movements were common practice.

Many misconceptions come from this primitive mind: because the resources are finite, more for me means less for you, because we can no fabricate plants nor animals.

The refusal to admit that the modern economy is not a zero sum game. The fact is that we can fabricate plants and animals, and produce new kinds of energy, and find new resources. Most of the most advanced and valuable thigs are made with matherials that were worthless before. Petrol only formed dangerous swamps for the catle before the combustion engine. Sand were just sand before the silicon revolution.

The univese is full of energy materials and space at the disposal of the human intelligence. At this moment we have not found any contender in the property rights of the vicinity.

To cry for any foreseeable scacity in the future is .... primitive. We are hearing these cries since the beginning of humanity.

The coming of an apocalypsis is an innovation of the judaic and christian mindset that the post-christian sects have inherited. apocalypse means a time of hope (parousia) and suffering at the en of the time, that inaugurates a new era. Since Joaquim de Fiore (XIII century) all the western movements had a form of another belief on apocalipticism or/and utopic new age.

This apocalipticism is so deep in the western mindset, that the Naya prophecy of the end of the world is not so. It is a western re-interpretation of a no-ending cyclic calendar by western esoterics.

The two reinterpretations: one, the end of the world in 2012 and the other, the beginning of a new era, are just a direct derivations of the double interpretation of the Christian apocalypse.

Hi Alberto,

Hear Hear! What mystifies me, more than anything, is the pessimism and over loathing of the alarmist. We are alive, can we at least make the best of it? I grew up in something of an apocalyptic cult - Christian fundamentalist missionary, constantly told that 'evil communists' where coming at any minute to torture harm me for 'my belief in Jesus'. Joining the US Navy cured me of that. Then I discovered physics, logic and philosophy. How liberating to my soul that was! Now I hear all this stuff about how humans are "harming the Earth", as if.... The entire premise of climate alarmism seems centered on some cultish Earth worship rubbish.



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