On Saturday, February 9, 2013 5:03:58 PM UTC-5, Brent wrote:
>  On 2/9/2013 6:16 AM, Platonist Guitar Cowboy wrote: 
> If you make evolution set the standard, then you have to buy the darker 
> side of its theology: "Good Tsunami, asteroid, CO2, mass extinctions of 
> life forms; as these shocks will create a stronger forcing function on 
> populations and individuals to adapt in the long term; good my family got 
> killed in that last quake". 
Not really though. This stems from the 'survival of the fittest' 
misconception of evolution. More selection filters doesn't make for an 
organism more impervious to all future threats. If people survive a flood 
because they live on the top of hills, that doesn't mean that their 
offspring is stronger in any way. Even if some people who survive an 
earthquake did so because they were smart and prepared for natural 
disasters doesn't mean that they aren't idiots in a dozen other ways.

> You can recognize that evolution is responsible for you valuing your life, 
> and valuing the life of your children even more, without making natural 
> selection your standard of value.

Evolution would have no need for generating values, since values are a 
subjective motivation. All evolution would have to do is simply impose a 
script that assigns a high priority to protecting ones own children and 
ones own life. Like any computer program, a quantitative equivalence which 
is unsentimental and unconscious would always be more effective.


> Brent

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