On 2/7/2013 12:01 PM, Platonist Guitar Cowboy wrote:
There might be confusion between necessary and possible dangers.

If there is, you haven't cleared it up.

Necessary danger: It’s legal for your neighbor to walk on to your property and shoot you for emotional reasons or it’s legal to burn a minority on racial grounds etc.

What's 'necessary' about either one of those events? First, if it were legal it would still be extremely unlikely (my neighbor likes me) and certainly no necessary. Second, it can happen even though it is illegal. So it's a possible danger - but not necessitated by anything.

Possible danger: eating hallucinogenic mushrooms or driving a car (more die of the latter on % basis).

These involve some degree of danger, so you are required to meet certain criteria and get a license to drive a car and there are various rules for traffic to reduce the degree of danger. That more people die of car accidents than eating hallucinogenic mushrooms is not really to the point. Many more people drive and ride in cars that eat hallucinogenic mushrooms and they thereby accomplish many things useful to society as well as too themselves, while of hallucinating is of dubious value. In any case eating hallucinogenic mushrooms is widely tolerated in the U.S. and it's not even clear that it is illegal under federal law, independent of any religious claims.

Beating people in public/private again: necessary, forced harm; no matter how you look at it. Smoking a herb: possibly, depends on how you look at it.

“A secular purpose” is a nice ruse, because it is “theology-free”, right?

Yes it is. It's not dependent on any ultimate foundation of the universe (per Bruno's definition of 'theology') or even any agreement about what that might be. It only depends on the public subjective non-religious values of society as expressed in their laws. That's what 'secular' means.


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