John, you have referred to your essay a few times but I have never seen it. Is it available on the web somewhere?

I wonder what you mean by "There is no ideally correct case."? Do you mean it is never the case that a belief is provable (I might agree with that - depending on the standard of proof). Do you mean it is never the case that a belief is true (I disagree with that). Or do you mean that neither of these is ideal?


On 2/21/2013 1:00 PM, John Mikes wrote:
(I THINK: Brent):
But then, according to you, if they happen to be true they are knowledge.
(I THINK: Bruno):
Yes, but "we" can't know that.
(again I THINK Brent:)
I'd say it's the other way around, scientists have no beliefs, only hypotheses.
(again I THINK Bruno:) I define "belief" by "hypothesis" or "derived from hypotheses". That's why in the ideally correct case, belief = provable. This works because provable does not entail truth.

JM: There is NO ideally correct case. I define 'belief' as being possibly based on hearsay as well (religious etc.)
(May I refer to my 2000 essay: Science - Religion, several times quoted on 
these pages).

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