On Saturday, March 30, 2013 12:52:21 PM UTC-4, John Clark wrote:
> On 29 Mar 2013, at 13:31, Craig Weinberg wrote
> > I'm only interested in uncovering the truth about consciousness
> On Sat, Mar 30, 2013  Bruno Marchal <mar...@ulb.ac.be <javascript:>>wrote:
> > You are asserting without argument that a theory is incorrect, and you 
>> do this by assuming that it cannot do this or that, but with no argument
> Bruno, did you really expect anything better? You are arguing with 
> somebody who has publicly admitted that they believe astrology and 
> numerology are valid methods of learning about the world.  

I never said that I believe anything. I said that astrology and numerology 
are the most interesting and useful topics which I have come across. That 
has nothing to do with your biased view of astrology as superstition, but 
with understanding the roots of discernment, and the depths of psychology.

> Given that Craig is in the habit of saying in nearly every post that 
> consciousness is definitely X but consciousness is most certainly not Y  I 
> wondered what other methods he used to become so knowledgeable in the ways 
> of philosophy; so I asked if he also believed that examining the entrails 
> of a chicken can foretell the future but he did not answer.

I'll pretend that you are really asking a question here, rather than just 
spreading your bigotry - which is insulting to Bruno btw, as you aren't 
even talking to him but just using his participation to leverage your 

If you were genuinely asking about prediction and divination, then I would 
answer that anything can be used as an oracle as far as being a prop to 
access super-personal insights - changing channels on the TV, flipping 
coins for the I Ching, pulling cards, rolling dice, etc. The result however 
is not, in my experience, a prediction, but an impersonal commentary on the 
moment/circumstance in which you are participating. Using entrails or any 
other spooky aesthetics for this kind of thing might change your results if 
it helped put you into a more sensitive mood, but I wouldn't know. 


> I think its a perfectly reasonable question given that all 3 were very 
> popular during the medieval dark ages and prediction by means of chicken 
> entrails is not one bit more imbecilic than astrology or numerology, so I 
> just wondered if he had gone 2/3 of the way toward being a perfectly 
> respectable member of the dark ages or if he had gone all the way.  

It would be reasonable coming from an honest person. When it comes from 
someone who values winning arguments over the truth, then it is just so 
much sniggering and spit.


>   John K Clark      

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