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> What I'm trying to say is that I believe you do not distinguish:
> A) Science the method of inquiry
> from
> B) Science the human institution

And I am saying is you do not understand that only one of the following is

A) Science can sometimes make predictions better than the law of averages
would allow.

B) Science is the only way to make predictions better than the law of
averages would allow.

And it is physically impossible for me to personally perform every
experiment that I'd like to, so I have no choice but to look to the human
institution of science to help me out, but that would be useless to me
unless I have reason to trust that the experiment was actually performed as
described, and that's where the web of trust comes in that you get from
journals like Nature and Science. When I read about some shit that somebody
I've never heard of typed onto a obscure part of the internet that I've
also never heard of about revolutionary experimental results that would
change everything if true there is no web of trust and thus I am not in the
least impressed because I know how to type too.

   John K Clark

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