On Sun, Apr 7, 2013  Russell Standish <li...@hpcoders.com.au> wrote:

> The top two journals have a policy of not even sending out half of their
> submissions to peer review.

Is it really only half? There are so many science articles written and so
many are crap I would have thought it was a lot higher than half; I guess
that by now most crackpots have learned not to even bother sending their
crap to Nature or Science.

> This editorial rejection rate reallmeans that the next big thing will
> almost certainly not be published in Science or Nature.

You want to bet? I mean it, I'll bet you that there is a 50% chance that at
least one of the next Nobel Prizes will be for work first publised in
Science or Nature and a 0% chance it was for stuff published in PLoS ONE.
Those journals have not changed their policy in decades yet it's in them we
first learned why the stars shine, that DNA contains the information in
life and told us its shape and how it reproduced, told us about the
existence of the neutron which led to nuclear bombs and power,  told us
about the first animal to be cloned,  told us that continents moved, that a
huge asteroid crashed into Mexico  66 million years ago, that most of the
matter in existence is made of some strange invisible stuff, that neutrinos
have mass and oscillate, that the universe is not only expanding but
accelerating, that a quantum computer could factor numbers mush faster than
a regular computer. All those big things were first published in Science or
Nature, why is that going to change now that the world is awash in junk
science articles?

> > What's somewhat disturbing is that a lot of middle ranked journals are
> now doing the same

Because crappy articles vastly outnumber even mediocre articles, and there
are not enough mediocre outside judges to read all the stuff that is sent
to mediocre journals.

  John K Clark

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