On 5/2/2013 4:39 PM, Stephen Paul King wrote:
" think it's more feasible to try to reverse-engineer the
morphogenetic algorithms encoded in the DNA. We would still not
understand the creation, but would have a greater chance of success,
and we would understand how to create the conditions for our creation
to grow. Fully understanding a developed human brain would require
understanding an absurdly huge graph of interactions that extends in
space across the planet and in time all the way back to the first

Has any thought been given that the DNA code is something like the code of a von Neumann replicator uses. The base of 4 may indicate a form of error correction built into the language as the 'machine code' level... I think that treating the DNA directly as a Turing machine tape might be missing a few connecting steps.

I don't think it's at all like a Turing machine tape. It isn't written to, only read and copied. The whole organism might be compared to a Turing machine in that it "grows" by producing more structure and by learning. But even that doesn't account for the environment and culture that provides a lot of the information that is learned and processed.


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