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>> To make a AI by reverse engineering it would be enough to have a map of
>> how information flows in the brain,
> > I'd say you would also have to deal with neuroplasticity. The process
> that makes the brain grow is part of what makes it work.

Neuroplasticity means making changes to neural pathways, and the Internet
has been doing the electronic equivalent of that every nanosecond of every
day of every year for over 20 years.

>> It doesn't matter it would still work,
> > A few emails ago this wasn't good enough for you. I'm confused.

I said you can know how to build something that works and not have any idea
why it works, for that you'd need to know more. I personally would love to
know all the details about why a AI works but I may not be smart enough for
that, but that doesn't mean a AI can not be built

> > I don't think he ever claimed consciousness was a byproduct of
> intelligence

Because Darwin refused to treat his readers like children by pointing out
the obvious and because his book got him into enough trouble as it was.

> and you refuse to produce citations.

I refused a demand for a citation that said "I Charles Darwin think that I
Charles Darwin am conscious". Do you really think such a citation is
necessary or do you think the demand was a stalling tactic made by somebody
who had dug himself into a logical hole?

>> You know you're in trouble when you've got to conjurer up new laws of
>> science that do absolutely nothing but shoehorn reality into your
>> preexisting ideas.
> > I did no such thing.

Like hell you didn't.

> I made the incidental remark that evolution itself will possibly be eaten
> by some more general theory at some point. If you consider the MWI, for
> example, you can start to see how Evolution might not be the complete story.

The difference is that MWI cleared up a serious ambiguity in the Copenhagen
Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, namely in determining what exactly is
a observation and who exactly is a observer; but even if it existed your
hypothetical super duper general theory of Evolution (which you don't
describe at all) would solve nothing and do absolutely nothing except make
reality conform to your tin pot theories of consciousness. And
consciousness theories are a dime a dozen.

  John K Clark

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