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> Roulette wheels are not random, they can be modeled as Newtonian
> mechanisms, exactly like cuckoo clocks.

No they are not exactly alike. A tiny change in a cuckoo clock causes a
tiny change in the clock's performance, but a tiny change in the roulette
wheel causes a HUGE change in the wheel's performance, and conceivably the
change might be so small that we're talking about a quantum event. And if
you don't like roulette then a electronic circuit that detects shot noise
or a Geiger counter.

> > You can accept that true randomness is fundamental, and thus, not
> explainable

I can accept that it is conceivable. I do not think that nature is
obligated to arrange things in such a way that human beings can always
understand them.

> but the MWI and Bruno's FPI provide a compelling contrary hypothesis.

I like the MWI because it doesn't have to explain what a observer or a
observation is not because it gets rid of randomness.  Personally I don't
see much difference between saying something happened for no cause and
saying something happened for a cause that can't ever be detected even in
theory. And to tell you the truth I can't keep up with Bruno's homemade
acronyms and terms and have quite forgotten what "FPI" even stands for.

And speaking of profound mysteries, why isn't acronym a acronym? Hey wait a
minute it is!  Arranged Chronological Reassignment Of Names You Manipulate;
acronym for short.

  John K Clark

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