On 07/10/2013 11:18 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> I use atheists in the (Google) sense of B~g.   ~Bg is agnosticism (in
> the mundane common sense).
> Some atheists seem to oscillate between the two definitions,
> opportunistically.

The issue is that both of those require some specific 'g' to be claimed,
before either of them may apply.

But first 'g' has to be well-defined, coherent, and logically possible,
before either of the above can even make sense.  My experience is that
few religious claims make it past this hurdle; there is therefore not
really anything to believe or not believe in.

So we're left with the state of our belief system unchanged, and
optimization of our finite resources means we just don't think about
these sorts of things.

I suppose that's neither 'atheism' or 'agnosticism'.

Johnathan Corgan

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