On 10 Sep 2013, at 17:35, John Clark wrote:

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 4:55 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>>> I do not like very much Feyerabend, and disgaree with its overal philosophy of science, I do agree with him on Galileo.

>> OK so let me get this straight, you agree that "the church at the time of Galileo was much more faithful to reason than Galileo himself",

> I did not say that. Nor did Feyerabend.

Bruno you are incorrect, Feyerabend did say "the church at the time of Galileo was much more faithful to reason than Galileo himself", and he also said "Its verdict against Galileo was rational and just":


Bruno, is this really the sort of toothless hillbilly you want to be associated with?

John, I can't access to that page. My point was just that the verdict against Galileo was rational, or Popperian.

>> Blinded? BLINDED!? Were talking about Galileo and the church but it's Galileo who was blinded!?

> Yes, he was blinded by its Aristotelian faith

Aristotelian faith!? Galileo was the guy who proved that Aristotle was the worst physicist who ever lived!

Aristotle was refuted, but this is usual in science. It does not make him bad, on the contrary.

And I thought this list was supposed to be about cutting edge developments in human knowledge, so why the hell do we keep talking about ancient Greeks who (with the important exception of Greek mathematicians) didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground?

As long as we don't progress in the mind body problem, we cannot decide between plato and Aristotle's conception of reality.

By Aristotelian I just mean the theories which assume an ontological physical universe. By Platonist theories I mean the theories which do not assume a physical universe and which try to explain the appearance of it from something else.

We have progressed, we know that IF we are machine, then there is no primitive physical universe such that we can use it to explain the physical laws. We have to explain the physical laws from internal arithmetical modalities. It seems to work up to now.



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