On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 04:33:15AM +0000, chris peck wrote:
> Hi Russel
> Thank goodness Clarcky has the same/similar complaint as me. I think Brent 
> does too, because he said he had an initial reaction to the step like this 
> and then offered an analysis of the probabilities to me all of which were 
> certainties rather than indeterminacies. He didn't get back to me on that, 
> but I think he has doubts or should have.
> >>If that is not what you said, what do you think that man would
> experience?
> a) Nothing
> b) being in Moscow xor being in Washington
> c) being in Moscow and Washington
> d) being in neither Moscow nor Washington
> Logically, these four possibilities exhaust the situation. Only b) is
> compatible with COMP.
> You have to remember that the question is asked before the man is duplicated 
> and consequently only c is compatible with comp. I hope Bruno's ideas are not 
> too dependent on b being compatible with comp, because b is incompatible.
> If the scan of the man successfully copies the 'I'ness, then that 'I'ness 
> must be sent to washington AND moscow. And, given comp, prior to duplication 
> he should expect to experience both moscow and washington.
> All the best.

Experiencing both Washington and Moscow at the same time would be a
sort of madness, a schizophrenic experience. That is why I said it did
violence to the notion of surviving the duplication. With b) on the
other hand, it matters not whether you experience Washington, or you
experience Moscow, you have survived the experience. That is why b) is

I suppose in retrospect, strictly speaking, d) is also compatible with
COMP, but a bit of a strange choice. One wonders what you possibly could be
experiencing in this case, given the protocol.


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