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> Anyone who has a problem with Bruno's teleportation thought experiment should logically have the same problem with the MWI.

No, you are entirely incorrect. The Many World's Interpretation is about what you can expect to see, and although it may seem strange to us Everett's ideas are 100% logically self consistent. Bruno's "proof" is about a feeling of identity,

Not at all. It is about a result that I can expect in an experiment. Like Liz and Quentin said, the situation is isomorphic with Everett QM. Everett mention what you call "feeling of identity", which is a consequence of modeling the observer by a machine with personal memory.

about who you can expect to be; but you do not think you're the same person you were yesterday because yesterday you made a prediction about today that turned out to be correct, you think you are the same person you were yesterday for one reason and one reason only, you remember being Liz yesterday. It's a good thing too because I make incorrect predictions all the time and when I do I don't feel that I've entered oblivion, instead I feel like I am the same person I was before because I can remember being the guy who made that prediction that turned out to be wrong.

Bruno thinks you can trace personal identity from the present to the future,

I insist, on the contrary, that we don't need any identity theory to get the FPI.

but that is like pushing on a string. You can only pull a string and you can only trace identity from the past to the present. A feeling of self has nothing to do with predictions, successful ones or otherwise, and in fact you might not even have a future, but you certainly have a past.

With comp, in all cases we have one future, in the first person pov (and infinitely many in the third person pov), bith in comp, and in Everett QM. I have explained this with many examples.



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