On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> And "cause" is a complex high level notion.

A cause is complex and at a high level only if the effect is complex and at
a high level. If Z is at the fundamental level (assuming there really is
such a level and causes and effects aren't infinitely nested) then it's
quite literally the simplest thing in the world to say that Y causes Z,
because after that there is nothing more to say.

> > Does "comp" mean every event must have a cause?
> > No.

Then I do believe in "comp".

> with comp every event has a reason

Then I do NOT believe in "comp". And this is why I say I don't know what
"comp" means and neither do you.

> but not necessarily a "physical cause".

Ignoring the fact that you have never satisfactorily explained what
"physical" means, even in pure mathematics your ideas break down. Chaitin's
constant is completely random, it has no physical cause, it has no non
physical cause, and Chaitin proved that no logical process, no function, no
infinite sequence, nothing, can produce it. Nobody knows or will ever know
the value of Chaitin's constant, all we know is that it exists and it's a
real number greater than 0 but less than 1. In fact most real numbers are
like that, unlike very rare exceptions like the rational numbers or PI or e
the shortest way to express most real numbers is to just write down all the
digits. There is no shortcut.

>> Thus regardless of what "comp" means it is certain that if Everett is
>> correct then Bruno Marchal has more than one future;
> In God' eyes, or in the 3p view, but the 1p-view remains unique.

Tell me more about this unique 1p-view; if you mean the view of Helsinki
the man is having right now then the "1p-view" will never see Washington or
Moscow or anything else except the view of Helsinki as it is right now.

> the question is about what you (in Helsinki) can expect to feel.

NO!! That is NOT the question and this is the single most important thing
you're so dreadfully confused about. You want to know about the nature of
personal identity, and for that it is 100% irrelevant if your expectations
turn out to be correct or not. All that matters is if tomorrow there is a
person (or lots of persons, it doesn't matter) who remembers being you
today. Since I was a child my expectations have proven to be incorrect many
many times, yet I have always felt like me.

> In all case, he will feel to be a unique person having been selected for
> one future relatively to who he remembers to be (the guy in Helsinki).

And because there are several different people who all remember being the
guy in Helsinki it turned out that the guy in Helsinki had several
different futures. However the "1p-view of Helsinki right now" no longer
exists for anyone because "right now" is different. But no doubt I am
confusing the first person view of the second person view of the third
person view with the second person view of the first person view of the
third person view once removed on my mother's side.

> You just continue to ignore the 1p and 3p distinction.

And I will take that into account just as soon as you figure out what the
hell that distinction is.

  John K Clark

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