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> > Everett mention what you call "feeling of identity", which is a
> consequence of modeling the observer by a machine

It doesn't matter if "modeling the observer by a machine" is valid or not,
if tomorrow somebody remembers being  Bruno Marchal today then Bruno
Marchal has a future, if not then Bruno Marchal has no future, and Quantum
Mechanics or a understanding of Everett's Many Worlds is not needed for any
of it. Period. However in a completely different unrelated matter, if you
want to assign a probability that tomorrow Bruno Marchal will observe a
electron move left or right then you will need Quantum Mechanics, and some
(including me) feel that Everett's interpretation is a convenient way to
think about it, although there are other ways.


> > With comp [...]

Does "comp" mean every event must have a cause? That question has a simple
yes or no answer, and you made up the word so you must know the answer,
what is it? If it's yes then I don't believe in this thing you call "comp".

> in all cases we have one future, in the first person pov

It is revealing that in explaining the theory of personal identity Bruno
Marchal must always insert vague undefined personal pronouns like "we" or
"you" or "I" at key points despite the fact that if it were already clear
what those pronouns referred to then the entire matter would already be
settled. Thus regardless of what "comp" means it is certain that if Everett
is correct then Bruno Marchal has more than one future; as to the question
"does "he" have more than one future?", well, that has the same answer as
the question "how long is a piece of string?". But no doubt I am confusing
the first person view of the second person view of the third person view
with the second person view of the first person view of the third person
view once removed on my mother's side.

By the way, exactly when does this "first person pov" occur in a given
experiment and how long does it last? If it's what I'm feeling right now
then it's not going to last for long because "right now" doesn't last for

  John K Clark

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