On 10/7/2013 1:32 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Bruno, I tried to control my mouse for a long time....

The M guy is NOT the Y guy, when he remembers having been the Y guy.
Yes, you said it many times, but NOW again! Has this list no consequential 
Some people seem to have inexhaustible patience!

"It" was in the past and in the meantime lots happened to 'M" that probably did (not? or quite differently?) happen to 'Y' and you are not that youngster who went to school, no matter how identical you 'feel' to be.
That argument (taking thousands times more on this list than it deserves) is 
it leaves out the CHANGING of the world we LIVE IN (considered usually as 

So I try to stay in the reality where 'panta rhei'.
...and I am not identical to the guy I WAS. (Some accused people use such arguments as well in court, but that is another table.)

Who wrote that?  :-)


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