Why is there such a huge argument about this duplication chamber business?
It seems to be not getting anywhere. Could you perhaps go back to the
original statement of step 3 and use that to point out what is wrong?

>From memory step 3 was - Helsinki man is teleported to both Washington and
Moscow. From his perspective, what is his chance of arriving in Moscow (or
Washington) ?

This strikes me as analogous to Schrodinger's Cat. The experimenter asks
what is the chance that he will see a live cat? He is talking in a folk
sense I suppose, because in reality he will split into two people and see
both. But like Moscow man, after the split it will seem as though he had a
50-50 chance of seeing either, so there is at least a sense of "1p
indeterminacy" which is clealy, to anyone else "3p certainty" - that he
will see both a live and a dead cat, or that H-man will see both W and M.
This is just Everett's explanation for quantum indeterminacy applied to a
mind, assumed to be duplicable (as comp assumes it is "just" the current
state of an ongoing computation).

Seems fairly straightforward to me, is there a problem with any of that?

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