On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 04:25:50PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 13 Oct 2013, at 12:24, Russell Standish wrote:
> >How do we know that those 3 hypostases exhaust the possibilities for
> >logics containing true but incommunicable sentences?
> Who ever said that they exhaust them?
> On the contrary, I have explained once that the 8 hypostases are
> really 4 + 4 * infinity hypostases. We get quantization also for the
> B^n p & D^t  nuances, which makes the quantum logic graded, and
> which I hoped that they could be exploited to get the "Temperley
> Lieb" algebra to get the emergence of a physical tridimensional
> (quantum) space (but the math get too much complex).
> The 8 hypostases are only the most obvious one, but without Gödel
> incompleteness we would not have them at all. That's the miracle.
> That they exists and that machines can grasp them when looking
> inward.

Fair enough.

> >
> >I do think Craig has a point here.
> Craig assumes them. The point is that there can be consequences of
> arithmetic + classical theory of knowledge (and/or comp).

OK - let me explain what I think Craig's point is (which might be
wrong - he's not an easy fellow to understand).

The ?*/? distinction (replace ? with you favourite letter) is a neat
result showing the difference between private (incomunicable) and
public discourse.

Qualia is an example of a private discourse.

But it does not therefore follow that qualia is explained by one of
the eight hypostases we know about. It may be due to another
hypostase, or even due to some completely different mechanism giving
rise to private/public discourse.

I think where you are on stronger ground with the quantum logics you
get from the Goldblatt transform, but even so that still quite
speculative. Much needs to be done.



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