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Note: I do believe we experience all possible outcomes, and you can even say in truth there is only one "I"

In your theory a person is a chain of experiences, so different chain => different person. It seems more accurate to say there is no "I".

But the chain is immortal and cyclic,

Why do you assume it's cyclic?  Where was it before life evolved?

convoluted with periods of amnesia,

Amnesia = gap in the chain.

branching, etc. Any state eventually leads to every other state.

Sounds like wishful thinking.

Why? It entails that there is only one person, and that is deducible from the statement that the two Washington and Moscow copies are and stay the same Helsinki-person. It is also coherent with what results from identifying oneself with the universal machine that we are, or the Löbian one. We might be that machine, in different context. We know she has an already very sophisticated (Plotinian) theology.

(Then salvia seems to be able to make us conceive that she is conscious, and that her consciousness is out of time, space, etc. That is admittedly very weird).



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