On 18 October 2013 15:04, chris peck <chris_peck...@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Immediately after teleportation there will be uncertainty because you are
> no longer sure of your location but are sure that you have been duplicated
> and sent to one place or the other. This gives room for doubt. Before
> teleportation there is no room for doubt. I often think the responses I've
> had try to inject doubt from the future.

I keep saying this, too. The only reason it feels like uncertainty is
because we automatically assume we're "one continuous person" - even if we
know intellectually that there is going to be a duplication, we don't
experience it, in the MWI or the teleporter. From that point of view the
1-p uncertainty makes sense. Since that's the POV we're used to, it's
legitimate for us to at least feel as though we've experienced 1-p
uncertainty, since that's the state both of us end up in.

"Doubt from the future" is a very good description.

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