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Note: I do believe we experience all possible outcomes, and you can even say in truth there is only one "I"

In your theory a person is a chain of experiences, so different chain => different person. It seems more accurate to say there is no "I".

But the chain is immortal and cyclic,

Why do you assume it's cyclic?  Where was it before life evolved?

convoluted with periods of amnesia,

Amnesia = gap in the chain.

branching, etc. Any state eventually leads to every other state.

Sounds like wishful thinking.

Why? It entails that there is only one person,

Not only that, it entails that the one person lives each life over and over.

Like in Gödel rotative universe.

But time is an indexical, it makes no sense to ascribe an absolute time to the living of an experience.

But "I" is indicial too, so it makes no sense to say it is the same person.

Unless you agree with "Clark's definition of personal identity". (Where the W-man, and the M-man have the right to consider being the H- man, as both copies have the H-man memories, and this corresponds to the first person identity used in the UDA, that is the personal memories contained in the diary which undergo the duplications). But the personal identity has not a big role. Even if you are totally amnesic, comp will predict the movie "white noise" for the iterated duplication. Like the quantum MW predicts that a photon beam in the relevant states will split in half when going thorugh the relevant polarization analyser.

In the UD all experiences are "lived" an infinity of times, but the 1p makes it unique,

And it makes the 1p unique.

From the 1p view. Indeed.



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