On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 12:11 AM, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:

> On 10/20/2013 8:18 PM, Jason Resch wrote:
>> If the first person views/memories are not integrated, they are not
>> experienced by the Jupiter brain, only instantiated, and it learns nothing
>> of what it is like to *be* the beings it discovers.
> ?? How is an experience instantiated without being experienced? Sounds
> like double talk.

All experiences are experienced, but the question in this case is by whom?
Who can rightfully be said to be an owner of that experience?

There are two minds in this case: There is the Jupiter brain's mind, and
there is Brent Meeker's mind.  The Jupiter brain might choose to simulate
all of Earth, and thus it will instantiate yours, mind, and all earthlings'
brains.  And so Brent Meeker will experience what it is like to be Brent
Meeker.  But the mind of the Jupiter brain will not be able to remember
what it is like to be Brent Meeker without creating some kind of bridge to
make Brent's memories and experiences accessible to that mind.

Brent Meeker is always an owner of Brent Meeker's experiences, but there
may be other entities who can rightfully be said to be owners of those
experiences, by virtue of having memory of having been Brent Meeker, for

>> But that is beside the point, even if this brain was not integrating the
>> experiences into a single view, and instead was morphing its brain such
>> that it experiences one lifetime after, this activity creates a chain of
>> connections that goes through all the observer's lifetimes it ever
>> experiences.
> Why do experiences need some outside agent, "this brain" to integrate
> them?

They only need to be integrated if you want the experience to belong to
other minds.

> I thought the idea was that experiences formed a chain by their inherent
> content.

Think of a it like this:
Imagine a youtube of the future that enabled full sensory immersion. Now
there are millions of experiences uploaded to this site, and each of the
experiences has been viewed thousands of times, by any of millions of
different real-world observers.  Who then are the true owners of the
experience?  When the experience ends the playback, you don't know which of
the thousands of viewers you will then discover yourself to be. A complex
and highly connected web is formed between all the observers, as they are
connected through the shared experiences.  The chain of experience
bifurcates at the end of each uploaded experience, branching to any of the
thousands of people who have seen, or ever will see this experience.  The
Jupiter brains that exist throughout mathematical reality (or in the
arithmetic in computationalism) are like these "Youtube of the future"
users, who not only see vast numbers of experiences, but come across the
same experiences and hence link themselves to other jupiter brains in the
same way the users of this website link themselves together.


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