On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 05:01:50PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> >Nevertheless,
> >you do think there must be some strong indicators why a continuous
> >(well at least local changes only) conscious path exists between all
> >conscious states. What is that?
> By what I called (with a wrong terming) agnosologic path: where each
> time you lost a mental feature, you lost also the mental reference
> to it, so you "don't see any difference".
> This involves amnesia, and I don't use that in UDA or AUDA. But I
> can also "think" and "discuss" like most participant in the list, on
> the larger domain than my thesis !

Ah - I probably missed what you were trying to say earlier. To follow
on from your "agnosologia", I would hesitate to guess that
consciousness somehow involves feedback loops. To make another
analogy, if I take a network, if sufficiently dense, it will have
cycles (loops), where if you follow the links from a given vertex, you
will end up back where you start from.

If you start removing links, the number of cycles drops, until
eventually no cycles are left. That will most likely occur around the
percolation threshold of the network, which is about 62% link density
(62% of possible links are actually present) IIRC.

ISTM one loses consciousness (loss of all feedback loops) well before
losing sufficient memories (the links) to be able to merge into another
person. This is essentially the reason fading qualia-style arguments
don't impress me.

Of course this is not a proof. For that, I suspect we need a better
theory of consciousness. But I'm seeing your analogy, and raising one :).


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