On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 11:24:51AM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> OK.
> (and I think it follows from comp, but I would not insist on this,
> because we don't need this to understand that physics comes from the
> numbers, and it might be a too big novelty for many people, who
> seems very attached to their particular instantiations).

So you "think it", which means you don't have a proof. Nevertheless,
you do think there must be some strong indicators why a continuous
(well at least local changes only) conscious path exists between all
conscious states. What is that?

> It looks like the "God of the machines" is so cool, that you might
> have some choice to keep some particularist intermediate realities,
> before killing completely the "little ego". Something similar is
> described by Tibetan buddhist, although buddhists would emphasize
> usually the need to eventually liberate your higher self from any
> "little ego". We have the choice. Nothing urged. Shortcut exists,
> but no one enforces them.

Bhuddism is not COMP. I don't see why appealing to Bhuddist ideas
helps here. It's just another argument from authority.


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