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> Be consistent, reject MWI, or ask *the same question* about the
> probability of *you* (who is you ? pinocchio maybe ?)

In the MWI John Clark doesn't have to worry about who "you" is because
however many copies of "you" there may or may not be they will never meet
and John Clark will never see more than one copy of Quentin Anciaux. But in
Bruno's thought experiment that is no longer true, so to continue to
blithely babble on about "you" causes nothing but confusion.

> measuring spin up while measuring the spin of an electron

And probability implies prediction and prediction has nothing to do with a
sense of self, and that is what Bruno's "proof" is all about. If when you
pressed the button you were 99% certain, in fact even if you were 100%
certain and there was not the tiniest particle of doubt in your mind that
you would end up in Washington, and one second later you found yourself in
Moscow your sense of self would not be diminished one iota, you'd just
figure that you made a bad prediction, and it wouldn't be for the first

> Your agenda is not to try to comprehend something, it is just to bash
> someone with no reason except misplaced pride.

Ask yourself this question, why aren't Bruno's ideas universally recognized
by the scientific community as a work of genius? There are 2 possibilities:

1) Due to the same misplaced pride that I have the entire scientific
community is jealous of Bruno and would rather destroy a stunning new
advancement in human knowledge than admit they didn't find it first.

2) The entire scientific community has run into the exact same logical
stumbling block in Bruno's ideas that I did.

  John K Clark

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