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> > I came across this today, which you might find of interest:
> http://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/9709032v1.pdf In particular section 3 goes
> to great pains to describe the importance of the first person / third
> person distinction.
Of course it's important, but I didn't need Bruno's help to figure that
out. And I especially agree when is says "To avoid linguistic confusion it
is crucial that we distinguish between the outside view of the world [from
] the inside view".  Yes, we must avoid linguistic confusion!

It's true that in everyday usage there is no linguistic confusion and it
would be silly to keep asking "what do you mean by the pronoun "you?", but
this is very far from everyday usage. This is a thought experiment
involving identity duplicating machines and is a vital part of a proof that
is trying to find something new about the very thing that is being
duplicated, identity. Under those very very exotic circumstances the
meaning of the personal pronoun "you" is far from obvious. And if the
meaning of "you" is vague then the difference between 1p and 3p is vague
too, and that is not acceptable in a proof that claims to be mathematically

So when Bruno asks "will you in Helsinki survive the duplication?" or "what
city will you see?" it depends entirely on what "you" means. To me, and to
Bruno too before he panicked and backpedaled, "you" is the guy(s) who
remembers being the Helsinki Man;  thus I would answer that yes "you" will
survive and "you" will see both Moscow and Washington. And if the ASCII
sequence y-o-u means something different in another language then John
Clark would answer the questions differently.

 John K Clark

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