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>> >>> I give the two definition of the pronouns used in the reasoning, and
>>> often confused by the use of an identical term in natural language, but
>>> clearly distinguishes in UDA step 2, and the next one. The 1-you, basically
>>> "your" definition, or simply the content of the diary taken by the
>>> experiencer with him, and the 3-view, the content of the diary of an
>>> external (not entering in the teleportation box).
>> >> Bruno Marchal said  "We have already agree that "you" concerns the
>> guy(s) who will remember having been in Helsinki" . Remember those were
>> Bruno Marchal's words not John Clark's. Then Bruno Marchal asked point
>> blank "Do you think that you die in a self-duplication experience?" and
>> John Clark gave a unequivocal answer, "no". But then apparently Bruno
>> Marchal changed his mind about what the meaning of the pronoun "you" is;
> > Another lie...

If John Clark was lying and Bruno has not changed his mind and "you" is
still "the guy(s) who will remember having been in Helsinki" then it is
beyond dispute that YOU will see BOTH Moscow AND Helsinki. And if John
Clark was not lying then what is the new meaning of the personal pronoun

 John K Clark

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