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>> If John Clark was lying and Bruno  has not changed his mind and "you" is
>> still "the guy(s) who will remember having been in Helsinki" then it is
>> beyond dispute that YOU will see BOTH Moscow AND Helsinki.
> > It is correct from 3rd POV,


> not from 1st POV...

Bruno asked me "Do you think that you die in a self-duplication
experience?" and I said that depends on what the meaning of "you" is. Bruno
responded with "We have already agree that "you" concerns the guy(s) who
will remember having been in Helsinki", and that was fine with me because
that is the meaning of the personal pronoun "you" that I like best. So I
answered Bruno's question  in a clear no nonsense way, I said "no, I don't
think you die in a self-duplication experience". In those circumstances and
given Bruno's definition of the pronoun what answer would you give?

Then Bruno started putting all sorts of additional caveats and restrictions
on the meaning of "you" that were very unclear. So apparently we HAVEN'T
already agree that "you" concerns the guy(s) who will remember having been
in Helsinki. It was at this point that I said Bruno was backpedaling and
you started screaming personal insults.

> same thing in MWI. In MWI, you'll see from 1st POV *one* definite result,

No. If MWI is correct then there are TWO 1st POV and you sees *two*
definite results, and every experiment ever performed has only produced
half the amount of information needed to disprove it. True you see only
spin up but if MWI is correct you has been duplicated and we haven't heard
what that other fellow saw yet.

  John K Clark

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