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Our grandparents didn't make huge sacrifices to their lifestyle to solve some vague

I'm not a historian, but are you sure? Not even unintentionally? I'm not arguing, because I don't know, but our grand parents achieved a lot, and they changed the world repeatedly, so I'd be curious to know if this is true or not.

My grand-grandfather make a huge sacrifice, by fighting in world war one, which was particularly inhuman and hard. Well, I guess he did not have much choice in the matter, but still...

Also it's not obvious that we will have to make huge sacrifices to our lifestyes to fix climate change. (Indeed, emissions were reduced a lot in 2012 with economies on the upswing, according to the latest New Scientist.) But if we do, will they be less or more than the changes we may be forced to make by not fixing it, like for example death?

The more urgent sacrifice we have to do is to make cannabis legal, stop prohibition and the lies which go with it.

If you don't like smoking cannabis, still, do it for the political sanity of the world that you leave to your children and grandchildren.

As long as we tolerate lies and misinformations on food and drugs, we will get lies in basically all political matters.



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