On 11/28/2013 6:29 AM, Samiya Illias wrote:
Bruno wrote: 'I was of course alluding to the greek (neo)platonists. They did 
invented the God used by both the abramanic cultures (even if terribly 
deformed, notably by the abandon of science about it, and the use of 
authoritative arguments, by Christians, Muslims, and perhaps by the Jewish 
(with Maimonides, to some extent).

It is not because we have found strong evidence that the Earth is NOT flat, 
that Earth has disappeared.  We just correct our theory of Earth. Why couldn't 
we do that with the notion of God?'

The God of Abrahamic faiths is the Deity. We believe that He is the only God 
from time immemorial. All prophets preceding Abraham also spoke of the same 
God. Unfortunately, over ages most belief systems degenerate into a pantheon of 
gods 'in the image of humans'.
The God I believe in is the majestic, indescribable, unimaginable, majestic 
Creator and Sustainer of everything.

Too bad he can't sustain his religions.


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