*atheism* (*plural* *atheisms

   1. (narrowly) Belief that no deities exist (sometimes including
   rejection of other religious beliefs).
   2. (broadly) Rejection of belief that any deities exist (with or without
   a belief that no deities exist).
   3. (very broadly) Absence of belief that any deities exist (including
   absence of the concept of deities).
   4. (loosely <>,
uncommon) Absence
   of belief in a particular deity, pantheon, or religious doctrine
   (notwithstanding belief in other deities).


Quantum immortality would be a form of afterlife without a god or gods.

A multiverse in which creatures aribtrarily close to gods are guaranteed to
exist somewhere would be gods without an afterlife (or at least without one
provided by the gods, depending on whether a multiverse implies (1))

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