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> We always feel that we are a single person

Yes but the copy that walked out of the duplicating chamber with you (or
perhaps you are the copy and he is the original, no way to tell and no
reason to care) also feels like a single person, and the exact same single
person that you do.

> We feel that we have a past;

Yes, and the copy of you that was made 5 seconds ago vividly remembers when
he was in kindergarten 20 years ago.

> if you use Everett's interpretation to think about reality, then personal
> pronouns become ambiguous in the exact same way that you always point out.

No they do not. In Everett it's always obvious who I'm talking about when I
use the personal pronoun "you", it's the only other fellow in the room with
me; but in Bruno's thought experiment there is a man standing to the right
of the duplicating machine and a identical looking man standing to the left
of the duplicating machine and they both have a equal right to use the
grand title "you".

> Under the MWI, observing the behaviour of an electron is equivalent to
> going through a duplicator,

No it is not because in MWI the entire universe is duplicated including the
observer so he never sees more than one electron so he can safely use the
pronoun "it"; but with Bruno's duplicating chamber the observer is not
duplicated only the electron is, so he sees 2 electrons, so to avoid
ambiguity that solo observer would have to say "it on the right" or "it on
the left", just saying "it" won't do.

> Personal pronouns are part of language that evolved under a certain model
> of reality

Yes, and the environment personal pronouns evolved in did NOT include
duplicating chambers, if it had the rules of grammar regarding them would
be very different from what they are now.

  John K Clark

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