On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 3:52 PM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

 > You are the one making systematically a confusion between the 1-view and
> the 3-view.

For several years now Bruno Marchal has accused John Clark of that, but
John Clark would maintain that there is not a single person on the face of
the earth who is confused by the difference between the first person and
the third person.

> Your bad faith becomes blattant.

Faith is always bad.

> What are you afraid of?

Pronouns and other forms of fuzzy thinking.

> I mean what everybody mean by computationalism in the cognitive science

Bullshit. "Comp" differs from computationalism in that "comp" includes all
the silly (and contradictory) conclusions from your error riddled "proof".

> We assume comp!

Every logical man should assume computationalism, no logical man should
assume "comp", the ideas behind it are as nonstandard as the word itself.

>  we can put our shoes in them.

That's not the problem. In your duplicating machine thought experiment
there are lots and lots of shoes around and one pair is no better than
another, so its completely ambiguous to say that after duplication "you"
will see this but "you" will not see that.

> The guy in W will say, "gosh, I am the one in W, why?"

Because he's the W guy. He did not turn into the W guy and then see W, he
saw W and then turned into the W guy. And both the W guy and the M guy will
say I was the H guy.

> > the first person does not feel has having duplicated.

There is no "the first person" there is only "a first person".

> >>  and see no reason shoes can't be duplicated just like everything else.
> > Not a first person experience FROM the view of the first person
> experience.

FROM  which "first person experience" is Bruno Marchal referring to?

> Do you agree with this? That the probability in Helsinki that (you will
> feel to be in one city) is equal to one?

 WHO THE HELL IS "YOU"? Bruno Marchal simply can not speak about personal
identity unless there are lots of personal pronouns to hide behind.

  John K Clark

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