On 10 January 2014 13:51, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Liz and Terren,
> I'm thinking more about this and think I've now changed my mind on it.
> After all I (my mental state etc.) do continually change from moment to
> moment yet I have no doubt I'm still me. I'm not the 'same' person, but I'm
> still me by all reasonable definitions.
> Therefore assuming an exact momentary but SEPARATE clone, that clone would
> no doubt tell everyone it was me, but the still extant me would of course
> disagree.
> Now assuming no 'ghost in the machine' or soul, for which no evidence
> exists, and that our mental states and consciousness are entirely a product
> of our biological bodies, then consider replacing various parts with exact
> copies. If say a leg was replaced with an exact copy (assuming instant
> healing to match the original) then I doubt 'I' would notice any
> difference. So my brain was (could be) instantaneously replaced with an
> exact copy with the exact neural circuitry and neural states then I suppose
> 'I' would still think I was me. I don't see why not.
> So what's the point? I forgot what it was...
> The point is that once you agree that your brain could in principle be
replaced with a copy, Bruno's "comp" arguments follow, with various
consequences (including reality being non-computable, I think - but check
with Bruno).

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