On 14 January 2014 04:31, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Stephen,
> It's not 'ideal monism'. Trying to shoehorn it won't help you understand
> it.
> Just take the pure information content of everything that exists out of
> the 'things'. You have pure information. Now assume that information is
> continually evolving to compute the current state of reality. Where does it
> exist and evolve? Not in a physical world, but in the presence of reality
> itself. Only because there is something that exists called reality which
> supports these computations do they become real and actual...

Ooh, "It from bit!"

If you want to take the pure information content out of things, you have to
explain what that means. Try a simple example. An electron, perhaps? The
information content is an electric charge, a mass, a spin. I think that's
all, isn't it? So, what does it mean for that information to be extracted,
where does it live, how does it evolve, etc? Over to you!

We can move on to "the presence of reality itself" once we have a formal
definition or worked examples (or SOMETHING) for the information part.

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