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PS: In spite of your knee jerk reaction my treatment of 'Realization' deals not with 'New Age' type nonsense but mainly with serious insights on how to directly experience reality as it actually is such as:

1. The fundamental experience of our existence, our consciousness within a present moment through which clock time flows and events happen, is the direct experience of the continuing extension of the radial P-time dimension of our 4-dimensional hyperspherical universe. Our fundamental personal experience is our direct experience of the fundamental cosmological process.

2. It is possible to directly experience that everything is its information only. With understanding it becomes quite clear and directly observable that for anything to be observed and experienced it simply must consist of information. If it did not consist of information it would not be observable. What we mistake for material things in a physical universe are simply associations of different kinds of pure information. For example what we normally think of as material stone is actually an association of colors, feelings of texture, resistance to motion, temperature etc. all of which are actually just different types of information.

So it is very very clear that everything is its information only, and that this can be directly experienced. In fact we all directly experience this all the time already, we just don't realize that we do.....

Things have no 'self-substances'. They are all pure information whose only 'substance' is OE. This is a modern statement of the ancient Vedic insight that 'all forms are empty'.

3. In my treatment of 'Realization' I also suggest that IF anyone needs a God then the only rational definition is the universe itself

That is Aristotelian theology.

because then there is no doubt as to God's existence,

The UDA put some doubt an the ontological "existence" of the physical universe (but not on the physical appearances, or on its epistemological existence).

and his attributes then become a matter of scientific inquiry.

So Stephen, as you can see, my book is hardly the 'New Age' nonsense your knee jerk reaction imagined...

It seems to me to be like an Aristotelian finitist theology. No problem, but your reality has to be non Turing emulable, to avoid the consequence of comp. In fact it needs to be not only non Turing emulable, but also non FPI recoverable (FPI = first person indeterminacy, see UDA step 3 for the detail).

I am just trying to make sense of what you say.



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