Ooooooooooooooh you *are *awful, but I like you.

On 14 January 2014 16:34, freqflyer07281972 <>wrote:

> As much as I love The Matrix (and I do love me some Matrix) and popcorn
> (ditto), I gotta tell ya, edgar, there is no better entertainment that
> seeing a grown man, who has been eating a steady diet of his own bullshit
> for years (it seems, as you do appear to be particularly truculent in your
> views), get called out on basics. Doubly entertaining is the fact that, as
> your paper house of "p-time" and "theory of reality" (HAHA, that is making
> me chuckle a bit just typing it) that you "wrote a book about" (HAHAHAHA,
> make it stop, please...) keeps getting more rained on and obviously not up
> to the scrutiny of even basic empirical and theoretical questions, and as
> your tin hat is increasingly unable to keep out those terrible rays of
> truth that perhaps you might not be such a misunderstood genius after all,
> but rather just another crank with too much time on their hands, you just
> redouble your efforts and tilt at bigger windmills!!!! I love it! Please,
> don't stop being you, and please keep on making more earth shattering
> "contributions" that all of us here are just too dull to get.
> Of course we're all too stupid to understand your brilliant insights... of
> course you are the solitary genius (HAHAHAHA)... carry on, PLEASE!!! And
> everyone else will carry on asking their oh so dumb questions about
> 1) what empirical/theoretical anomalies/shortcomings/results your "theory"
> (chuckle) is able to explain
> 2) what observations/evidence/experiments (gedanken or otherwise) you
> might suggest that would convince us your theory is better
> 3) what theoretical/logical/mathematical framework does your theory build
> upon and in what way does it constitute an improvement.... (or what, you
> think your discovery is SO MINDBLOWINGLY ORIGINAL that there are simply no
> precedents for it? You have won the magical belief lottery?)
> And I will continue to lurk and eat my delicious popcorn... HURRAY FOR THE

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