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    Ok, speculatively jumping into the Tegmark book, which I am plodding 
through and his
    4 levels of the multiverse, I need to throw out this question. Is it even 
    in principle, to physically traverse into another universe, a parallel 
universe, and
    then back again? I do not mran in the David Deutsch sense of performing 
cross cosmic
    quantum calculations, but directly, mollecularly, boots on the ground, 
    there and back again?

Molecularly, I'd say no, but consciously I'd say yes. If we froze you on Earth, and then coincidentally Aliens 100 trillion ly away from us made an exact version out of you out of matter they had on hand, and then they thawed you, you would travel these 100 trillion ly. This journey is impossible for matter or energy to make, impossible for anything physical, yet your consciousness did it. For the same reason, someone in an altogether different physical universe could do the same thing and enable you to travel there. There would be no causal link, however, to whatever memories you formed in that universe and whatever version of you we create to unthaw and bring you back, it would be again an entire coincidence for us to get it just right so the one we thaw matches the one the aliens in the distant land decided to freeze.

In a sense, we are performing these traversals all the time, but only between distant universes similar enough to the one we are in a moment before, that we don't notice it. You might be sitting there quietly in Earth #313812031 one moment, then the next instant you are actually on Earth #173119389 (which was an Earth that reappeared after 10^200 cyclical big crunch and big bang cycles) from the moment you were just in.

But then you've made incomprehensible nonsense of what is meant by "you".


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