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> Ok, speculatively jumping into the Tegmark book, which I am plodding
> through and his 4 levels of the multiverse, I need to throw out this
> question. Is it even possible, in principle, to physically traverse into
> another universe, a parallel universe, and then back again? I do not mran
> in the David Deutsch sense of performing cross cosmic quantum calculations,
> but directly, mollecularly, boots on the ground, traveling there and back
> again?
> Tegmark defines 4 levels of multiverse, so the question in each case may
be different. Lemme see.

1. the cosmological MV - you'd have to travel beyond the universe's
(current) event horizon so the answer is no for a long time to come, and no
forever if the universe continues to accelerate.
2. the quantum MV - you answered that, only in the David Deutsch sense
3. other parts of the string landscape - seems unlikely
4. the mathematical MV - also seems unlikely

That said, wormholes might allow it, if they can be shown to exist and
shown to not collapse in the manner Einstein and Rosen (I think)
calculated. Which requires negative energy, maybe zero-point. In that case
... "Star gate, here we come!" :)

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