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    On 1/17/2014 3:13 PM, LizR wrote:
    Indeed it would be very strange, perhaps verging on miraculous. I believe 
just the
    nuclear resonance discovered by Hoyle alone is already incredibly fine 
tuned, after
    which we have the amazing properties of carbon and water, and the 
    flatness and god (ahem) knows what else.

    Hoyle predicted that there had to be an excited state of C^12 at 7.7Mev in 
order to
    produce the observed abundance of carbon. It was observed at 7.656Mev. But 
it was
    shown by Livio, M. et al. (1989). "The Anthropic Significance of the 
Existence of an
    Excited State of C12." Nature 340, 281-284, that essentially the same 
amount would
    be produced by a resonance between 7.596Mev and 7.716Mev.  Even more would 
    produced with a lower resonance down to 7.3367Mev, the difference between 
Be^8 +
He^4 and C^12. And carbon sufficient for life would be produced up to 7.933Mev. Whether an 8% range is fine-tuned or not, I don't think it's "incredibly fine-tuned".

It becomes incredible when one considers the 10 - 20 other parameters that similarly had to be within a narrow range.

What are they? I've seen a lot of questionable claims of 'fine-tuning'. One problem is that 'narrow range' is ill defined. If there is no natural limit on a variable, then any range is 'narrow' relative to _+_inf.


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