On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 7:25 PM, Samiya Illias <samiyaill...@gmail.com>

> On 12-Oct-2014, at 10:12 pm, John Clark <johnkcl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 12:43 PM, Samiya Illias <samiyaill...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Would you like specific explanations to the verses you've quoted below?
> Not necessary, those quotations speak for themselves and are quite clear.
> They need no explanation from you.
> > If you're trying to make some point, its not clear to me.
> So let me understand this, you've read those quotes but have no idea of
> what point I was trying to make? So in light of the murders committed
> because Salman Rushdie wrote a book, In light of the murders committed
> because somebody drew a cartoon of Mohamed, in light of 911 you still don't
> understand why unbelievers such as myself might find those Quran quotations
> interesting. Is that what you're saying?
> Those verses instructing slaughter are on the context of war, not peace.

But this implies "In war, be bestial". I'm not sure this is part of what
some supreme being would say.

> The examples you cite above are misapplications of the verses. However
> that's another debate. Admitting the existence of God and obeying him with
> faith and gratitude on a personal level is what should concern each of us.
> We believe each one of us is in pledge for our own deeds, and the
> implications of faith are eternal, far beyond the temporal worries and
> joys.
> Samiya

Among the temporal worries and joys is people telling others how to
interpret god/reality. Something that many holy scriptures across cultures
avoid when assuming that supreme being is inconceivable (how could any one
person or writing claim to be the final voice of such being?).

You can say "it's only my personal take" repeatedly, but stating and citing
things like "Admitting the existence of God and obeying him with faith and
gratitude on a personal level is what should concern each of us." gives
people perhaps the impression that you don't follow your own word and/or
the word of your cited scripture: You are actively suggesting to people
with such citation how to interpret God/reality, while admitting that you
cannot. But how can we obey if God's will is not always clear and most
often difficult to read?

If these are only personal thoughts like "I might have a cup of tea now..."
then I don't see why you need a blog or to convince people of one one
interpretation of a text. This, people could see as using your religion/god
to promote your private interests, like internet name/identity/blog.

Is there something like an internet publicity chapter in the Qu'ran (I
assume there must be some things related to men of fame who value
appearances etc)?

Or a chapter that tells us how to manage living in a world with billions of
people who all have their own personal theologies in front of creation, and
what to do when all the sacred scriptures, that everybody chooses to
believe/disbelieve... what to do when all of these are interpreted, read,
and understood partially differently and partially in agreement at the same
time? Don't flood me with citations: Just give me one for these last 2
points, if you have to. PGC

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